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Zenseact Sweden

Lindholmspiren 2
417 56 Gothenburg, Sweden Directions View page

Shanghai, China

Senlin Avenue
Jiading Qu Directions View page

The Zenseact Recruitment Process


Every application makes us happy and one step closer to matching our open roles with your expertise, to make autonomous driving real.


After receiving your application the hiring team will have a look at your resume, cover letter, and any other relevant information. We assess candidates on an ongoing basis and our goal is to get back to you within two weeks from receiving your application.

If your profile appears to be a match for the position, the Recruiter will do a pre-call with you. If not, you will receive a written rejection. The pre-call usually takes 20-30 minutes, and the scope of the pre-call is to talk about your background, current situation, and thoughts and motivation for applying for the role. In addition to this, we will also briefly touch upon your technical skills and salary expectations. All of these things combined will give both us and you a sense of whether or not you may be a fit for the team and culture here at Zenseact.

If the pre-call is successful, we will invite you to a video interview with the hiring manager and possibly one or two team members. If not, you will receive a rejection as soon as possible. Sometimes an early online programming test is done at this point. The scope of the video interview is for you and the hiring manager to interact and to dig deeper into your technical skills and previous experience. Via this interview, we will all get a better sense of your fit to both the team and Zenseact in general.

If you proceed past the video interview, we will invite you to a final interview and send you a home assignment that you will solve prior to the interview. If not, you will receive a rejection as soon as possible. The purpose of the home assignment is to deep-dive into your technical skills. At the interview, you will present your solution to the home assignment and discuss it with the hiring team. In addition to testing your technical skills, the purpose of the presentation is also to test your communication skills. Finally, we will also uncover and solidify our mutual expectations for the role and finalize the process with talking to two of your references.

We look forward to getting to know you along our recruitment process and hope to welcome you to Zenseact!


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